If you are running a construction site then you must have a crane. You cannot build a road or a building without having this machinery on your side. People are using a crane for a very long time so they have a great history. Purchasing a crane can be quite expensive for you. Well in that case you can hire one. Crane hire Lincoln can be a great option if you have made your mind to hire a crane. Here we will discuss some different types of cranes that you can utilize.

Mobile cranes

The trend for mobile cranes is increasing day by day. The reason behind that thing is that they have crawlers and tires fit in them. You can easily move to the sight. They can offer you great mobility and some of them can even travel on the highways. Below there is a lift of some of the types.

Carry deck crane

This crane is new in the market and it contains the latest technology. It is very small and has four wheels adjusted in it. These cranes have the specialty that they can move in all 360 degrees. The reason that the constructors love them is their ability to navigate through different sites. You can add this versatile crane to your worksite.

Crawler crane

A crawler crane is usually a track vehicle. This type of crane doesn’t have tires installed in it. Instead of the tires, it consists of a pair of rubber tracks. It can travel only on soft grounds. You will be amazed to know that there are some crawler cranes that have a telescopic arm that allows them to change their size. Due to this thing this crane can become adaptable to the many terrains. If you are willing to do a long-term project then this crane can be a great option.

Floating cranes

As you can imagine the function of this crane through its name, is used in sea projects. Another name of this crane is the crane ship. People are utilizing this crane for a very long time and advancements are being made in it from time to time. You can build bridges or seaports with the help of it. Despite its size, it can easily travel in the sea.

Rough terrain crane

If you are finding a crane that can do the operations off-road or on rough terrains then it can be the best option. The built quality of a rough terrain crane is just like the crawler crane. It also has four wheels in it; you can take it to any rough area.

Truck-mounted crane

A truck-mounted crane basically has two parts. The first part is the carrier and the second one is the arm. The build quality of this crane is unique and they can easily travel on the road due to its truck part. This crane can carry a large amount of load to different sites. You can use this crane to inspect and maintain the bridges.


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